About Our Early learning Centre

Mariposa Kids offers a safe environment where your child can learn and play in a calming, secure setting. Our spacious outdoor area features beautiful established trees and is subdivided to allow smaller children to play in their own area away from the more rambunctious older kids.

Inside our centre we have two separate facilities. The Tui room for the little ones, and the Kiwi room for the over-2 year old’s.

At Mariposa Kids, we believe in maintaining a high teacher to child ratio. Early Childhood Regulations requires 1:5 for Under 2’s and 1:10 for Over 2’s. We maintain ratios of 1:3 for Under 2’s and 1:8 for Over 2’s. This allows our teachers to get to know each child on a personal level and ensure no child feels lost in the crowd.

Our Philosophy

Childhood should be a joyous, vibrant period of life where kids feel encouraged and motivated to explore the world around them. At Mariposa Kids, we design learning programs that allow children to thrive and grow to their full potential.

Every child is special and unique in their own way. We recognize that every child has their own interest and needs. Our dedicated teachers work with each child on an individual level, ensuring these needs are met and guide them through a balance of directed activity and self-discovery.

Children learn best by doing. Our learning environment is both stimulating and entertaining, incorporating the principles of Te Whāriki to strengthen and empower children and families to participate in the process of individual personal growth and development.

Following the RIE approach established by Dr Emma Pikler and supported by Magda Gerber we provide all children with a safe, caring, fully supportive, multicultural environment where we demonstrate respect for each child and family.

Our Programme

Our programme at Mariposa Kids is planned to develop the individual and group strengths, interests and needs of each child. We believe children’s experiences during the early years significantly shape and determine the ongoing development of knowledge, the successful acquisition of skills and particularly the forming of attitudes and subsequent dispositions.

Children love to discover – and the environment we provide lets them explore through fun and challenging play and interaction.

Early childhood education begins the process of passing on the knowledge, attitudes and values of our society to our children so that they have skills and confidence to take an active part in the community. The early years are the time when a child learns the basis of all he/she will have to know to function well later in life. It is the time when foundations are laid and children need positive guidance and assistance developing healthy emotional, mental, social, intellectual, cognitive, creative and physical skills. Your child’s progress is documented in the form of observations and learning stories.

Our programme incorporates the goals and learning outcomes of Te Whāriki into our routines and activities so that children have the opportunity to gain a strong cultural awareness and appreciation of their place in society.

We believe that parent/teacher communication is an essential ingredient in meeting the needs of your child and we welcome and encourage a close partnership. Your input is encouraged and your child’s portfolio is available to view at any time.

We use an online portfolio system called Storypark.  It is a system specifically designed to connect our Centre with its parents. It is a secure online diary which allows you to share in the experience of your child’s day and gives you an opportunity to give us valuable feedback.

All the activities provided at Mariposa Kids are designed to meet your child’s educational needs as well as caring for them in a warm, supportive and nurturing environment.  It is our aim that when your child goes to school, we have helped develop a happy, well-rounded individual with a love of learning.

Under 2 Routine

The Tui Room is where it all starts for children between the ages of 5 months and 2 years old. Some of the most important aspects of your child’s introduction to learning are carried out by our committed team of teachers who understand the processes and the curriculum. We have created a warm, nurturing environment to stimulate all aspects of early childhood development in our purpose built room with access to its own restful and homely sleep room.

In the Tui Room our teachers follow each baby’s needs and communicate carefully with the parent on arrival and departure each day. This is to ensure the child’s continued comfort and routine. A daily diary is completed by the parents and the teachers. This goes home with the parent and returns to school each day.

The under two’s room is one hundred percent focused on the needs of the infants.  Sleep, rest and feeding routines continue over the day according to individual needs.

To develop strong, trusting, respectful relationships with each infant, the teachers respond to the child’s needs to cuddle, move around or to have quiet time.

The environment has age appropriate equipment and toys and all activities are based on the children’s interest or developmental milestones.

Story-time features prominently every day and the babies very quickly recognise their favourite songs, puppet stories, and books. The infants spend time indoors and outdoors on a daily basis.

Over 2 Routine

The Kiwi Room environment includes books, puzzles, playdough, blocks, finger plays, songs, puppet stories, construction equipment and numerous levels of art activities.

The classroom is rich in literacy opportunities starting with each child ‘finding’ their name on a board at the door and attaching it to the locker of their choice for the day. Self-help skills and responsibility for own belongings are encouraged.

Activities are laid out to attract children to participate. Children are encouraged to try different activities to extend their learning and to challenge their abilities. Teachers supplement and change activities, throughout the day, based on age & abilities. These include a variety of physical activities for children to further develop co-ordination, strength and social interactions.

Children gather together for mat-time for discussions about interests, news, days of the week, weather, planning for the day or story-time, music, and dramatic play. Children are encouraged to play indoors and outdoors. They are encouraged to choose, continue and return to activities of their own interest or be part of planned events.

Set meal and snack times are established and become part of the child’s daily structure and social experience.

Some children will have their routine sleep/rest time, for others this will be a quiet time for small group activities such as reading, one-on-one work and individual experiences.

The older children participate in school readiness activities which include letter/word recognition, numbers, matching, sequencing and writing skills.

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday
7.30am – 5.30pm


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